French Macarons

Hi guys,
todays recipe, I wanted to show you how we can make french macarons. Let's start with a little history on these delicasy. These sophisticated cookies are called macarons and not macaroons. The word macaron, is actually derived from the Italian word "macaroni". The history of the macarons is confusing, one thing for sure is that the French adopted these sophisticated cookies as early as 1533 and were introduced byCatherine de' Medici.
At the time, these fancy cookies were simply a sweet meringue composed with ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar. No flavors or fillings were added. Then, as time went by, the macarons were no longer a simple cookie, flavors and fillings were added. 
They are now served with two cookies sandwiched, with a filling of your choice. The fillings range from ganache, buttercream or jam. The macarons are characterized with a thin crispy crust at the top, a moist almond meringue in the middle and a perfect "foot" with a flat glos…

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