Piping gel recipe

Piping gel is so easy to make and the effects on cakes or cupcakes are amazing. You can give an ocean/ water effect by simply spreading it on top of fondant, buttercream or just on top of your cake board or colour your piping gel in red to create spooky blood. Piping gel is perfect also to glue your edible images on fondant.
Hope you enjoy and have fun with it.


1/3 granulated sugar 1 TBS corn starch 1/4 cup lemon juice 1/4 cup water Red food colouring INSTRUCTIONS: Mix all the ingredients on high heat until boiling and then cool. Tint in any colour and mix until well combined.

**Blue will create water, red will create a blood effect**


  1. Hi liliana! Can the piping gel be used with whipped cream too? If yes, what will be the effect?


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