Rock candy recipe

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Hope you guys had a great week. In this weeks recipe I will show you how to make Rock candy. I see these everywhere in candy stores and my kids loveeeeee them. So, I decided to share with you how to make these. They are perfect for kids party sweet table, to put in drinks, (like champagne), to give away as favors or to simply to eat them as lollipops. You can flavor them with any flavor extract of your choice or add Kool-Aid powder for different flavors.
Hope you enjoy this easy recipe.
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1 cup water
2 ½ cups granulated sugar

Food colouring of your choice
Flavor extract of your choice OR Kool-Aid

Instructions: Step 1
Dip you sticks into water and transfer them into your granulated sugar making sure to completely cover them. Let them dry completely on a paper towel 
Step 2

Boil 1 cup of water and gradually add your sugar. You may also, double the recipe.
Step 3
At this point you may add your flavor extract or not if you are flavoring with Kool-Aid.
Step 4
Let your syrup cool a little bit and divide it into your jars. **be very careful not to burn yourself**
Step 5
Add your food coloring and your Kool-Aid if you havent use flavor extract. Mix until well combined.
Step 6
Let your syrup cool completely before submerging your sticks in your sugar liquid. If you do not wait, your warm liquid will completely melt the sugar on your stick and therefore, it will NOT crystallize.
You will notice that your liquid will start to crystallize once cooled. Insert your lollipop stick making sure it doesn't touch the bottom of your jar or else they will get stuck to the bottom. **You may do so will a cloths pin**

 Step 7
This is after 3 days
Let your sticks in your jars for  at least 1 week and watch them grow in size.
  Step 8 
After 1 week, remove them from the jars and let them dry on paper towel. The paper towel will help absorb the extra liquid.
Lollipop sticks for Rock candy:
Mason jars:
Food coloring:
Kool-Aid :



  1. What to do with the extra syrup left in jar?? Is it re usable or jot?

    1. You can use it for your geode marble cake design

  2. WHERE to keep the jars for crystallization process


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