How to make an ombre buttercream petal piping cake

how to buttercream petal piping cake
In this step by step tutorial I will show you how you can decorate your cake by using a simple technique called petal piping. This is such a pretty look, specially if you create an ombre design. It requires patience because it's time consuming but the end results are amazing. I used buttercream to create the look but you can also use chocolate ganache. Whatever you use make sure to make a large batch because this technique requires quite a large amount to cover the whole cake.
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Step 1 
For the ombre effect, color your buttercream into 4 different shades of the colour chosen.
Step 2
Starting from the top of your cake, pipe a vertical row of dots onto your crumb coated cake. If doing the ombre effect start by piping 2 dotes of the lightest colour. Try and keep the dots similar in size and in a straight line.

Step 3 
Place a spoon in the middle of your dot, press down and drag to take the excess of frosting out. (you may also use a frosting spatula).  Repeat down the line until all of the dots have been smeared. 
Step 4
Pipe another row of dots so that they overlap the first row and repeat the same process.
Step 5

Repeat the technique all the way around the cake until your entire surface has been covered. When you get to your final row, just pipe the dots and don't swipe.

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