How to make baby fondant blocks

baby fondant blocks
Baby blocks gives such a great look to your cakes. They are perfect for christening and baby shower cakes. Here is a simple way of making these cute additions. To learn more on cake decorating Subscribe to my youtube channel for FREE!

Step 1
Using any colour fondant, roll out balls of fondant all the same size. ( The numbers of balls should equal the numbers of letters)
Step 2
Flatten your balls using your figures to create squares.
Step 3 
 Rub each sides with a cake flattener making sure all your pieces are equal. 
Step 4 
Roll out a thin layer of  fondant to create any wording that you want using a letter cutter. ( a contrast colour will look better)
Step 5
Glue each letters to your blocks by brushing a small amount of water.
Then, display the blocks on your chosen cake.
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