How to make minnie mouse ears cake topper
In this step by step blog,  I will show you how easy it is to create minnie mouse ears. This simple cake topper is perfect for a theme kids party. It can be made with fondant, gumpaste or even modeling chocolate. Transform your simple kids cakes to a dream cake and will look professional by simply adding this cute touch.  Hope you enjoy the blog. For more ideas on cake decorating Subscribe to my Youtube channel for FREE by simply following the link below.

 Step 1
Roll out pink fondant, gumpaste or modeling chocolate . 
Step 2 

Using a round plunger or cutter, cut out numerous pieces of white fondant.  Then, press these dots on to your pink fondant using your Rolling pin. (see picture)
Step 3
Cut out two stripes of the same size.
  Step 5

Brush a small amount of water at the end of one loop and glue both ends together. Repeat same process for the other loop making sure that the dots are facing down.(The water will act as a glue on your fondant) 
 Step 6
Squeeze both ends together and cut the excess. Let your pieces air dry for at least 10 minutes before doing the next step.
 Step 7
Using a clean brush, apply some water on each ends and attach both pieces together.
 Step 8
To create the middle part, roll out the same pink fondant shade and follow the same steps to create the dots. Then, cut a stripe half the size of the bow  stripe created on step one. Squeeze both ends of your fondant. Apply a small amount of water in the middle of your bow and wrap your piece around it. 
Step 9
Roll out black fondant (medium thickness) and cut two pieces using a round cutter bugger than the bow. 
 Step 10
Using a pizza cutter or a knife, cut out a small piece on the ends of both shapes. (this will help the ears to stay straight on your cake) Let this dry for at least 24 hours.
 Step 11
Once the ears are dry, glue them at the back on your bow using edible glue.
Have a look at these videos as well!