How to make an Elf cookie
These cute Elf cookies are so easy to make! Not only they are perfect for Christmas parties but they can also be given away as favors or gifts for the Holidays. They can be made in advance with fondant or modeling chocolate. (follow the links below for my marshmallow fondant recipe or the modeling chocolate recipe) Hope you enjoy this easy project as much as a enjoyed making them. For more ideas on cake decorating Subscribe to my Youtube channel for FREE by simply following the link below.

Cut out white fondant, using this cookie cutter shape to create the face. (your
cutter should be the  same size as your cupcake) If you do not have this cutter shape, you may also use a round or square cookie cutter. Then, Using your quilting wheel, create a stitching pattern.
Step 2
Making the face
Roll out beige fondant and glue it in the middle of your piece with a small amount of water.
Step 3
Creating a smile
Using a round tool or the opposite end of a piping nozzle, scare the fondant half a circle to create a smile.
Step 4
Creating the eyes
Create two creases using a toothpick. Roll out two small black fondant balls. Glue each pièces using a very small amount of water Inside each creases.
Step 5
Making the nose
Roll out a small fondant ball and glue it using a small amount of water.
Step 6
Making the ears
Using the same color fondant as the face, roll out two small pièces in the shape of a cone.(see picture1) Then, create a crease in the middle of each pièces. Glue your ears on each sides of the face with a small amount of water. (use the mouth as a guide line)
Step 7
Making the hair
Step 8
Making the hat 
Step 9
Follow these steps to create the scarf
Step 10
 Brush red edible luster on the cheeks with a clean dry brush. 
Hope you Enjoyed!
Learn how to make Mrs claus cookies buy clicking the video below!