How to make a gerbera daisie sugar flower
Sugar flowers may look complicated to make but just follow my easy step by step instructions and you will see how easy it is. This flower called gerbera, can be made with fondant or gumpaste. Perfect for wedding cake ideas or even as a cupcake topper. A video tutorial will be posted at the end of this blog for a better visual. Hope you guys like it.
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Step 1
Using both style cutters by Wilton, cut out these pieces:
2 large pieces from the purple cutter, (any color fondant of your choice)
3 medium pieces from the purple cutter, (of the same color)
2 small pieces from the white cutter, (in a light shade of Brown)
3 mini pieces from the white cutter.(2 in a darker shade and one in a very dark )
Step 2
1. 2.
Place your shapped piece on a foam pad. Using a ball tool, thin out all the edges. Then, using a petal shaper tool, create creases in the middle of each petals. Staring from the top of each petals all the way to the middle (This will create a realistic effect)
Step 3
Place your piece on a flower forming cup. (You may also use a cupcake mold) Then, using a clean brush, apply a small amout of water in the middle of your piece and glue together two of your biggest petals. (water and fondant will act like a glue)

Step 4
Follow the same instructions for all the other pieces. 

Step 5
To make the inside of the flower, create a round shape using black fondant. Then, using a pointy tool or simply a  toothpick, create creases.
Step 6
Using a small amount of water, glue piece made in step 5 to the middle of the flower.
Hope you enjoyed! 

Click here for a better visual.