Edible fruit arrangement centerpiece / Strawberry tree topiary

Edible fruit arrangement, how to make a strawberry topiary tree
This centerpiece is one of my favorite creations ever. I call it the Strawberry tree topiary. I love this project, looks so complicated but actually is so simple. This beautiful, fancy and unique centerpiece is perfect for a wow factor, such as wedding centerpieces, valentines or any other party. You may also wrap your creation and give it as an amazing gift. Hope you guys love it.
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Step 1
Fill your vase with Styrofoam. The size will depend on your vase size. The larger your vase is, the bigger your tree will be.
Step 2
Poke a hole in the middle of your Styrofoam and fill it in with hot glue.
Step 3
Place a wooden rod right were you have place your hot glue and let it dry.
Step 4
Place a round Styrofoam ball at the other end of your wooden rod. The size of your Styrofoam ball, should be the size of the inside of your vase.
Step 5
Using any ribbon color, hide your wooden rod by covering it.
Step 6
Cover you ribbon with pearl necklaces.(I use the Christmas pearls that we decorate our tree with)
Step 7
Cover the Styrofoam at the bottom of your vase, with lettuce. Use toothpicks to hold your lettuce in place.
Step 8
Cover the Styrofoam ball, following step 7.
Poke toothpicks all around your lettuce and all the way in your Styrofoam ball and place a strawberry on each toothpicks. ( Repeat this action all around)

Hope you enjoyed!


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