how to make cookie monster cake
This blog will show you how easy and simple you can create a cookie monster cake. You simply need a printer, a blue covered cake, some black and white fondant and that is pretty much it. (Click here for my marshmallow fondant recipe) Make sure to read my other blogs for the other characters also. You may simply make one cake or stack all characters one on top of each other and create an amazing show piece. Hope you guys enjoy it.

 Step 1
Print out a template of cookie monsters mouth.
 Step 2
Roll out black fondant and with a sharp knife, trace gently around your template. 
 Step 3
Brush a small amount of water behind your piece created and glue it to your cake. (water will act as a glue on your fondant.)
Step 4
Using white fondant, roll out too pieces the same size. Then, cut out small round black fondant and glue those pieces to your white fondant. 
Step 5
Brush a small amount of melted chocolate behind both eye balls and glue them on top of the mouth.
Hope you liked this blog!