How to make a lalaloopsy cake pop

Hi, i'm excited to show you my step by step tutorial of lalaloopsy cake pops. These yummy desserts look complicated to make but are actually very easy to create. If you follow my tips and tricks, watch my YouTube video and pratice a little, your cake pops will look as professional as bakers. These are perfect for kids birthday parties and also to give away as party favors.
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Step 1

Melt white candy melts in a microwavable container. Make sure that the container is deep enough to dip your cake pop. Melt 30 seconds at the time in the microwave, stirring between each interval.
Tip: Use a plastic containers instead of glass. The glass will get hot and will continue cooking your chocolate even after you take it out of the microwave and will be difficult to work with.
Step 2
Dip a lollipop stick into the melted white chocolate, then insert it into the cake pop and let it dry. Once your stick is dry, dip the entire cake pop into the chocolate. Remove the cake pop and tap gently on the side of your container, this will take off the extra chocolate. Let them dry on a parchment paper. (you may also put them in the refrigerator couple of minute to speed up the process)
 Step 3
Meanwhile, cut a circle fondant shape using a medium round size cutter. 
 Step 4
Then, using a sharp knife, cut your fondant in half.
Step 5
Make creases, using a toothpick. Glue your piece at the top of your cake pop with water or edible glue. (a small amount of water will act as a glue with your fondant)
Step 6 
To make the eyes, roll out two small pieces of black fondant and flatten them. Create a cross shape in the middle of your piece using a toothpick. Apply a small amount of water in the back of your eyes and glue them to your cake pop. 
Step 7 
Using black fondant, cut a small "M"­ shape. Glue your pieces on each sides of the eyes, using a small amount of water.
Step 8
Cut 2 small round pieces to make the cheaks and glue it to your cake pop below the eyes.
Step 9
Roll out stripes of fondant and mesure the size need it. Then, using the same piece as your guide line, cut your other pieces to the same size.
Step 10 
Thin out one end and create lines all over each stripes using a toothpick.
Step 11
 Using a bit of water and a clean brush, glue your stripes on each side of your cake pop to create hair. Attach a bow at the top of her head.
Step 12
Glue mini stripes of black fondant to create a smile.
Step 13
You may also make party favors by attaching little memos see picture.
Hope you liked my blog.
For a better visual tutorial watch my video on YouTube.  
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