How to make edible broken glass topper

edible broken glass

This amazing glass effect done with only sugar and water, is perfect for any spooky dessert ideas. You may use these for your cakes and cupcakes by simply adding a little bit of red gel food coloring or jam and voilĂ .
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1 1/2 cup granulated sugar      
3/4 cup water
Step 1
Poor granulated sugar and water in a small saucepan. 
 Step 2
On medium heat, stir until sugar dissolves.
Step 3
Bring to a boil until it turns to a golden color.
 Step 4
Poor your caramel onto a baking sheet and make sure you cover the entire surface by spreading it. (be very careful not to burn yourself) Let it cool and harden on your counter. (at least 1 hour) Do not put your baking sheet into the fridge because this will create grains in your product, therefore it will not be clear.
 Step 5
Using both heads, bend your baking sheet. This will break the caramel and create broken glass effect.
 Step 6
Place a piece or several pieces on top of your cake or cupcakes.
Then, using red gel food coloring, apply a small amount where your glass as entered the cake or cupcake to create blood. ***You may also use strawberry or cherry jam, with no seeds for the same effect***

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