How to make Jack Skellington halloween cookies

Learn how easy it is to make these Halloween cookies called Jack Skellington. These are perfect for Halloween parties, school or even to give as party favors. They can be made with fondant or even with modeling chocolate.
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Step 1
Cut out your dough, using a round cookie cutter. Bake your dough according to your recipe. Once baked, cool your cookies on a cooling rack. 
Step 2
Using the same cutter, cut out some white fondant or modeling chocolate.
Step 3
Brush a small amount of clear corn syrup on your cookie and place your fondant or modeling chocolate on top. (the corn syrup will act as a glue). 
***If you don't have clear corn syrup, you may brush some jam or even a little bit of water will do***
***If you use corn syrup make sure to use the clear one, or else it will color your fondant***
Step 4
Making the eyes
Make an oval shape using some black fondant or black modeling chocolate.

Step 5
Making the mouth
Using a sharp knife, cut out a long thin stripe of black fondant or modeling chocolate. (the stripe should be the length of the cookie)
Step 6
Cut small sizes of stripes of the same black fondant and place them vertically on the horizontal stripe made at step 5.
Step 7
Making the nose
Make 2 small oval shapes with black fondant. (see picture)
Step 8
Once all your pieces are place where you want them to be on your cookie, glue each an one of them with water. (the water will act as a glue on your fondant)
Step 9
Cut out 2 small stripes and glue one of them at the top of an eye and the other at the bottom of the opposite eye. (see picture) Once all your pieces are glued, you may leave your cookie the way they are or lightly steam them with a steamer. (the steamer will give your cookies a very nice shine to them) If you use the steamer, let your cookies air dry for couple of minutes and wrap them in treat bags.
Hope you enjoyed!!

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