How to make a ice cream cone cookie

This adorable cookie is easy to make. The best part about this project is that you don't need an ice cream cone cookie cutter. This cookie is perfect for kids parties or party favors. Just follow my steps and see how easy it is.
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Step 1
Cut your dough using a square cookie cutter.
 ***The square cookie cutter can be any size you want
 Step 2
Using a sharp knife, to create a triangle by cutting each corner of you square dough.
 Step 3
Using a round cookie cutter, cut another dough piece. The round cookie cutter should be the same size as the square cutter.
  Step 4
Using a sharp knife, cut your piece in half.
  Step 5
Place both pieces evenly on top of each another. Using your fingers, press the creases together so that your dough looks like one piece.
 Step 6
Bake your cookies as indicated on your recipe. Make sure to cool them on a cooling rack.
Step 7
There are numerous ways to decorate the cookies. You can ice them, apply fondant and even use modeling chocolate. (Click here to view my videos on how to make fondant or modeling chocolate) Hummm hummm good! Feel free to be creative and have fun with them.
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