Cookie packaging idea

Here is an easy tutorial on how to create a professional cookie treat package. How cute is this? You can custom make your packaging, so just follow my steps and be creative.
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Step 1
Make a cookie backdrop
Cut a square of your favorite wrapping paper or cardboard and insert it into a plastic cookie treat bag.
Step 2
Insert your cookie.
Step 3
Cut the your bag leaving about 1 inch overlap, so the plastic is bigger then your cardboard.
Step 4 
Cut a piece of any paper you like and fold it in half. (your piece has to be the length of the treat bag)
Step 5
Fold your bag twice.
Step 6
Once it is folded, hide the plastic by wrapping it with your step 4 piece. Using a stapler, staple both bag and cardboard together.
Step 7
Cut a strip of any ribbon you like.
Step 8
Using double sided tape, place your ribbon on top of the staple. (This will hide the staple and make it look like professional packaging)

Place all your cookie treats in a nice box. Decorate the box with a ribbon and a label.