How to make a fondant crocodile

 Follow my step by step tutorial and see how easy it is to create these cute fondant crocodiles. You can also make them with modeling chocolate and gumpaste.

 Step 1 
Make a rectangular shape using fondant. Squeeze and lift one end to create an "L" shape. (see second picture)
 Step 2
Create a crease in the middle of your "L" shape and 2 more for the eye balls.
** If you don't have such a tool, use the end of a brush**

Step 3
Scar your fondant on the opposite side of the eyes to create a smile
Step 4
Using a pointy tool such as the end of a brush, create holes to make nostrils.
Using a toothpick create 3 lines between the nose and eyes .
Step 5
Apply a little bit of water and attach 2 round shaped white fondant balls.

Step 6
Using a toothpick, poke the middle of each ball. Then using water, glue small black fondant pieces to create the eyes.

Step 7
Using a pointy tool, poke and create a hole for the mouth. Then using water glue a small piece of red fondant to create the tongue.
Step 8
Make a rectangular shape using fondant. (smaller than the head) Then, create a checker effect using a toothpick. (This will give it a crocodile skin look)
Step 9
 Create this shape using fondant and repeat the same checkers effect as step 8.
Hope you liked my blog. For a better visual tutorial watch my video on YouTube.
Enjoy caking