Edible butterfly made with sugar sheet

Follow my step by step tutorial and watch how easy it is to create a realistic butterfly that is 100% edible using sugar sheets.

Part 1

Using a baking printer which uses edible ink and sugar sheets (very important) print out the design chosen. Once printed, cut out the wings.( you will have to work fast, because the sugar sheets will dry quickly and once dry it will crack and break)
** In order to create 1 butterfly, you will need to print out 2 butterflies**
 Part 2 

Glue 2 reverse pieces together using edible glue and trim the edges with small scissors. (this will give you the same look on both sides)
Part 3
To create the body, roll out black fondant into the shape of a cone.
Part 4
Using a toothpick, make creases to give shape to the body. (see picture)

 Part 5
Scar your fondant on both sides and apply a little bit of edible glue to the creases created.

Glue both wings.

For a better visual tutorial click on this picture and watch my video on YouTube.

 Have fun caking

Liliana da Silva