Baby crocs shoe cake topper

Here is my step by step baby crocs shoe tutorial, followed by a video. It is a perfect cake topper for a baby shower cake, birthday cake, ... This cake decoration topper can be made with fondant or gumpaste.

Step 1
 Roll out fondant or gumpaste and cut out all your shoe pieces using the baby crocs shoe template as your guide. Click here for the template
***Make sure you turn the template around before cutting the second shoe, so you have "left" and "right" shoes.***
Step 2
Making the sole
Using any round shape tool, create creases on each side of your sole.(you may use the end of a big brush)
Step 3
With a pointy tool create deep creases all around your sole (see template for more detail) When finished, turn your piece around before doing step 4. (the creases should face down)
Step 4
Using your fondant roll pin, make a deep crease on your sole to create the heel of your shoe.
Step 5
Cut piece #2 using your template. Align your paper template on top of your fondant and using a pointy tool press down each dot.
Tip: if you don't have such tool, the back of a paint brush will work just fine.
Then, with a straw press down to create holes by using the dots as a guide line. 
Step 6
Create a stitching pattern using your quilting wheel.
Tip: If you don't have such tool you can use a butter knife or even a lemon scraper to create the same look. 
Step 7
Glue #2 piece to your sole using a little bit of edible glue or water.
Tip: Before gluing your pieces together let them air out for about 15 minutes. This will harden your fondant and make it easier to work with.
 Step 8
Making the front of the shoe
Cut piece # 3 and follow the same steps as 5-7
 Step 9
Making perfect holes
Use the dots that you have already created as a guideline and create holes  using a straw. 
Step 10
Using your quilting wheel, create a stitching pattern.
  Step 11
Shape the front of your shoe piece by gently bending it in the middle. Then, using a little bit of water glue piece #2 with #3.
Step 12
Cut piece #4 and glue it on each side of your shoe by brushing a little bit of edible glue or water.
Step 13
 Glue a decorative piece of your choice to each side of your shoe.
For a better visual tutorial click on this picture and watch my video on YouTube.
 Have fun caking

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Liliana da Silva