How to create a marble look with fondant

elmo cake
Marble fondant is a very nice way to decorate your cake boards, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and much more. There are many ways that you can create this look. What you need is minimum of 2 different shades of fondant colors.

Step 1
Roll out strips of at least 2 different colors (depending on the effect that you want to achieve)
Step 2 
Gather fondant strips together.
If you are going to use more then 2 colors, proceed the same way as step 2
 Step 3
  Twist the strips together forming 1 piece. Then fold your piece in half twice. (Don't over fold, you will lose your effect)

 Step 4
Knead your piece and create a ball. (again, don't over do this step or else you will have a fondant ball with the same color)
Step 5 
Using a little bit of cornstarch, roll out your fondant. Careful not to over stretch it, you don't want to have to knead again, or you will lose the marbling effect.

Step 6
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For a better visual tutorial click on this picture and watch my video on YouTube.
Have fun caking.
Liliana da Silva