How to make fondant look like wood grain

You can create the look with gumpaste or fondant. The greatest thing about this technique is, not only it looks amazing but it doesn't have to be perfect. Actually, the more distress and uneven paint is, the best the look will be. You can create different looks and make floors, furniture, and much more.

The technique that i will show you is on a cake board, but it's the same process for any of your projects. Roll out white fondant on the cake board, thick enough to be able to score it.
Part 2 
Using a ruler and the back of a brush create horizontal lines and score the fondant on the entire board.This will create long stripes or rectangular shapes. It doesn't matter how far apart the lines are, it's up to you and the look you want to achieve.
Part 3 
You can now create vertical lines in each on the rectangulares that you have created. Again, the space in beetween doesn't matter.
Part 4
Use a toothpick and crease uneven vertical lines in each of your rectangulares. This will create veining and a nice distress and realistic look to the wood.
Part 5 
On each corners of the vertical lines create a crease with the end of your brush by pushing down on your fondant, this will look like wood knots once painted over.
Part 6 
Dilute brown edible luster dust with a little bit of vodka. Paint following the creases, using gentle and long strokes. Cover the board, making sure that the paint is not even out.
TIPS: Vodka evaporates once dry, with this said, there will no longer be alcohol in your project once dry. If you don't trust this action, you can also dilute with lemon extract. Do not use water, Luster dust is not water soluble and you will get a sticky mess.
 Part 7
Dilute black edible luster dust with a little bit of vodka or lemon extract. Paint the knots and enhance a little bit of the vertical and horizontal lines.
Part 8
Let cake board dry

Hope you liked my blog. For a better visual tutorial watch my video on YouTube.
Enjoy Caking

Liliana da Silva