Blueberry tart recipe

Hi guys,
hope everyone had a great week. Berries are in season as we speak so, I decided in this weeks recipe to show you how to make a blueberry tarte.
Hope you enjoy!

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Sugar tart
12 oz tea biscuits
1/2 cup cold unsalted butter

Blueberry filling
1/2 cup berry juice blend
1/3 cup granulated sugar

1/2 lemon juice
1 cup fresh Blueberries (to cook)
1 tbsp cornstarch

2 tbsp water
1 1/2 cup fresh Blueberries (to mix)

Step 1
Sugar tart
Using a food processor crumble the tea cookies.
   Step 2
Add your cold butter and continu pulsing until texture resembles like wet sand. 
   Step 3
Press the dough into your pan and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. (You may also make mini tarts)
 Step 4 
Gently lift the bottom of your pan and remove the tart carefully. 
Step 5
In a medium size sauce pan, combine juice, sugar and lemon juice and bring to a boil.
Step 6 
Lower to a medium-low heat and add 1 cup of blueberries. Cook for about 10 minutes until the berries start breaking apart.
Step 7
Dissolve cornstarch with 2 tbsp. of water. Pour cornstarch mixture into the juice. Add 1 1/2 cup of blueberries, let it cook for about 10 minutes until it thickens. Remove from the heat and allow to cool completely.
 Step 8
 Pour blueberry mixture evenly into either your large tart shell or mini shell. 

Tart pan with removable bottom:
KitchenAid mixer:
KitchenAid food processor: