How to make a fondant baby cake topper with a mold

how to make a fondant or gumpaste baby cake topper
This adorable cake topper is great for baby shower cakes or cupcakes. The baby mold is so easy to use and gives a really nice realistic baby look. You can use fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate or even marzipan.
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Step 1
Get your fondant paste to your desire skin tone color.  First, dust your mold with a small amount of corntarch. (make sure that it's a small amount or else it can take away the definition of your figurine)
Press the fondant firmly into the mold making sure all the excess paste is pushed in to ensure clean edges. Remove any excess of fondant making sure your paste is flush with the mold without spilling over.
Step 2
Place your mold in the freezer for 15 minutes. When out of the freezer, unmold by puling the sides of the mold apart gently while pushing the back of the mold.
Step 3
Creating the diaper
Cut a small square fondant piece in half (creating a triangle). Then, cut out the edges of each corners of one triangle. (see picture)
Step 4
Glue your triangle to your baby using a clean brush and a small amount of water. (water and fondant creates glue)
Step 5
Creating the dress
Cut a round fondant piece. Create pleads on one end using a toothpick. On the other end, pinch the top and using a knife cut out a small amount to create a straight line.
Step 6
Glue your dress by brushing a small amount of water on his back.
Step 7
Creating the collar
Step 8
Creating the hair
Paint the hair with any color of edible luster dust desired.
Step 9
Creating a head band
Cut a thin stripe of fondant and glue it with a small amount of water. Finish the look with a tiny flower on the side of the head band. VoilĂ  a baby cake topper as been born. Hope you guys enjoyed it!
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