How to make a fondant painting palette

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This blog is perfect for an art theme birthday party. The art palette can be made with fondant or even gumpaste. Just follow my easy steps and see how easy it is to create an art piece for your cake.
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Step 1
Mixt together white fondant with some brown fondant. (don't over mixt it, you want to create a marble effect) Using a rolling pin, roll your fondant to the size desire, you should have a wood effect look.

Step 2
Cut this shape using a sharp knife or an X-Acto knife. If you don't feel secure enough to create this shape, you can simply use a template from google image.

Step 3
Cut a hole using a round cutter or plunger.
Step 4
Cut uneven shapes, using different fondant colours.
Step 5
Glue each color to your palette, using a clean brush and a small amount of water. (water and fondant creates glue)

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