How to make a fondant name tag

Name tags give such a nice touch to cakes and they are so easy to make. Here is a simple way of making a name label.
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 Step 1
Roll out any colour fondant or gumpaste chosen.
Step 2
Roll out a thin layer of  fondant to create any wording that you want using a letter cutter. ( a contrast colour will look better)
Step 3
Using a clean brush and a small amount of water, glue each letters to your rolled out fondant or gumpaste. Then, using your pizza cutter, cut your fondant creating the shape shown on the picture.
Step 4
Create a hole using the tip of a piping nozzle, a plunger, a cutter or a straw depending on the size of the button created.
Step 5
Cut a thin strip of fondant. Pass the strip in the hole and fold it in half.
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