How to make a parrot tulip gumpaste flower

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Wire gumpaste flowers may look overwhelming and complicating to make but if you follow directions you will see how easy it is to achieve this amazing piece of art. These sugar flowers called parrot tulip can be made with fondant or gumpaste. To learn more on cake decorating Subscribe to my youtube channel for FREE!

Step 1
Roll out white gumpaste and using these tulip cutters cut out 3 pieces of the small cutter and 3 pieces of the bigger cutter. Place them in a Ziploc bag in order for them not to harden.
 Step 2
1. 2.
Working one petal at the time, place a piece on top of your  petal crease mold. Then, insert a wet wire in the indent created by the mold. (see picture)

 Step 3
Place each petals on a veiner mold, making sure to do both sides. Then, using your ball tool frill the edges of each petals.
Step 4
Let your petals air dry in a former at least 24 hours. (make sure that your wire is facing down). I placed each petals to dry on top of a big spoon but you can also use an aple tray as a former (this will give them a nice curvy shape)
Step 5
Create your pistil using gumpaste and a 24 gauge wire. (see picture #2) Let it air dry for couple of hours. Then, Tape 6 Wilton stamens around your pistil using floral tape.
  Step 6
Tape the smaller petals one at the time around your center.
 Step 7 
Then, tape the bigger petals one by one around the smaller petals and that is it. You can also use some edible powder dust to colour your petals to create another beautiful look. 
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