How to make gumpaste buds
Buds are a perfect way to make your flower arrangement look full and complete. They can be made with fondant or gumpaste. To learn more on cake decorating Subscribe to my youtube channel for FREE! 

Step 1
Create a small hook to your wire using pliers.
Step 2 
Make a cone shape with gumpaste. Dip you wire in water and insert it at the bottom of the cone. Let it dry for at least 12 hours. 
Step 3 
Using a flat tool, create 3 creases starting from the top of your bud going all the way to the bottom.  (see picture)
Step 4  
 Brush green edible luster dust at the bottom of your bud and in the creases.
Step 5 
 Brush a small amount of pink edible luster dust at the top of your bud.
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