How to make a gumpaste cabbage rose

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Gumpaste flowers may look complicated to make but just follow my easy step by step instructions and you will see how easy it is to make them. This flowers called cabbage rose, can be made with fondant or gumpaste. Perfect to decorate wedding cakes or even as a cupcake topper. If you want to learn more about sugar flowers, have a look at some videos that I have posted at the end of this tutorial. For more ideas subscribe to my youtube channel FOR FREE! at

Step 1
Step 2
 Roll out white gumpaste and using this kind of cutter cut out four pieces of the 6cm size cutter. 
Step 3

Brush a small amount of water at the bottom of each petals. Take one petal at the time and attach it to each wire by pinching the gumpaste lightly. Leave the top of each petal slightly open to give it interest. Repeat this step 4 times leaving the gumpaste to dry at least 2 hours in between.
Step 5
Roll out white gumpaste and using this kind of cutter cut out two pieces of the 7cm size cutter
Step 6
Place gumpaste piece on to a foam mat. Using a ball tool, thin out the edges of each petals.  Then, insert your flower in the middle of the gumpaste (see 2nd picture) Brush a small amount of water at the bottom of each petals and lift them up one by one to glue them to your rose.
Step 7
Turn your flower upside down and let it dry on a drying rack. Then, repeat step 6 and 7.
 Step 8
Cut out two gumpaste pièces using the same shape but bigger size cutter (8cm flower cutter). 
Step 9
Repeat step 6 and 7 twice.
Step 10
Brush a pink shade of edible luster dust with a clean brush in the middle of your flower and Voilà!
Hope you enjoyed! 
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