How to make an Hawaiian sugar flower called plumeria flower

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This sugar flower looks so complicated to make but truly isn't. Just follow my simple steps and you will see how easy it is to make this hawaiian flower called plumeria flower. It is perfect to decorate your cakes or even use them as cupcake toppers. You may use fondant or gumpaste to create the same look. For more ideas on cake decorating Subscribe to my Youtube channel for FREE by simply following the link below.

Step 1
Making the petals

Using white fondant or gumpaste, cut 5 pieces with a small round cutter.
Step 2

Using your fingers, fold each pieces only on one side to create a cone shape. (see picture)

Step 3

Making the base

Using a slightly bigger cutter then used in step 1, cut out one round fondant piece.
Step 4
Apply a small amount of water in the middle of the base created in step 3. Then, take each petals and one by one glue them to your base. Make sure that the pointy part is facing in the middle. (see picture)
Step 5
Brush yellow edible luster dust in the middle of your flower and voilĂ !

Hope you enjoyed!
for a better visual click on the video.