How to paint leopard print on your fondant cake

leopard cakeleopard cake
I will show you the easiest way to create a leopard print look for your fondant cakes. There is numerous ways to achieve this look but I find this works just find for me. You may also, use the same technic but with different colors, which gives a different look. Hope you enjoy!
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Step 1
Cover your cake with some tan color fondant. Then, brush the cake with vodka. This will get rid of any excess cornstarch and will also give some shine to your base. Let the vodka dry completely before moving on to the next step. ***Vodka evaporates once dry***
  Step 2
Dilute black luster dust with a small amount of vodka. (you want a product that is not to liquidly just enough to be about to paint with it). Using a clean brush, paint "C" facing different ways. Your shapes should be different sizes, don't over think this step. In fact, it will look better if the shapes are different sizes.
***Vodka evaporates once dry, with this said, there will no longer be alcohol on your cake once dry. If you don't trust this action, you can also dilute it with lemon extract. Do not use water, luster dust is not water soluble and you will get a sticky mess. ***
Step 4
Mixt brown luster dust with a small amount of yellow luster dust. Then, dilute it with a small amount of vodka. Using a clean brush, smudge your paint inside each "C" made previously on step 3. Again, don't over think this step.
Step 5
 Dilute some gold luster dust with a small amount of vodka. Using a clean brush, simply dap a small amount of gold luster dust in the middle of each pieces created on step 4.
Hope you enjoyed! 

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