How to make a pirate cupcake topper

boys birthday pirate theme cupcake topper
These cute pirate cupcake toppers are so easy to make. Not only they are perfect for a boys birthday party but you may also give them away as favors. They can be made in advance with fondant or modeling chocolate. (follow the links below for my marshmallow fondant recipe or the modeling chocolate recipe) Hope you enjoy this easy project as much as a enjoyed making them.
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Step 1
Making the face 
Cut out beige fondant, using a round cookie cutter to create the face. (your cutter should be the  same size as your cupcake)
Step 2
Using the same color fondant, roll out a small piece to create the nose. Then, glue it in the middle of your face, using a clean brush and a small amount of water. (water and fondant will create glue).
 Step 3
Creating a smile
Use a smaller size cutter and gently press it down on your fondant to create the mouth.
Step 4
Making the eye
Create 1 eye with white and black fondant and glue it with a small amount of water. (see picture)
Step 5
Cut red fondant, using the same size cutter used for the face. Then, cut out more half and glue that piece above your eye. (see picture)
Step 5
Details for the bandana
Cut a red fondant stripe. Fold and cross your piece. (see picture) Pinch the top, this will give the illusion of a knot and glue it on the side of your bandana. Finish the look by, gluing some small and medium white polka dots. 
Step 6
Making the patch

3. 4. 
Cut some black fondant, using the smallest round cutter that you have. Then, cut 1/4 with a sharp knife. Glue your piece next to your nose at an angle with a black fondant stripe on top of your patch also. Simply deposit your cute pirate created on top of your iced cupcake. And voilĂ ! 
Hope you enjoyed! 

Click here for a better visual. 
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