How to make big bird from sesame street

I'm so exited to show you how easy it is to make this sesame street characters cake. Each character cake can be made separately or stacked one top of each other to create an amazing show piece. It may look difficult to achieve, but by following my steps, with some practice and patience you will be able to create this amazing cake. For more ideas on cake decorating Subscribe to my Youtube channel for FREE by simply following the link below.

Step 1
With yellow fondant, mold a triangular shape. Using a sharp knife, cut out 3/4 starting from the tip. Then, glue a red triangular shape for the mouth (see 2nd picture). Finish off, with a small pink oval fondant shape for the  tong.
 Step 2
1. 2.
Melt yellow candy melts in a microwavable container. Dip a lollipop stick into the melted chocolate, then insert into the bottom of the beak created and let it dry.
Step 3  
1. 2.
Using a clean brush, spread chocolate at the bottom of your beak. Insert the lollipop stick into your cake and hold it untill to chocolate sets. (the chocolate will act like a glue) 
Step 4
 Using white fondant, roll out too pieces the same size. (click here for my marshmallow fondant recipe)
Step 5 
Using a round cutter, cut too pieces of pink fondant.(the cutter has to be bigger then the white fondant) 
With a clean brush, brush a small amount of water at the top of the white fondant and glue your pink pieces.
Step 6
Cut out too thin strippes of sky blue fondant. Then, using a small amount of water, glue those strippes where the pink and white fondant meet. (see 2nd picture)
 Step 7
Create the eye balls, using black fondant glue those pieces to previous step. 
Step 8
Brush a small amount of melted chocolate behind both eye balls and glue them on top of your beak.
 Step 9
Using a leaf cutter or plunger cut out yellow fondant shapes. (the amount of leaves will depend on the size of your cake) Let your leaves air dry couple of minutes on a parchment paper. (this will let them harden a little bit) Then, brush a small amount of water at the back of each leaf and glue it all around your existing cake.
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