How to make a cute frog cupcake topper 
Learn how to make a cute frog by  following my step by step tutorial. Cake decorating will become so easy and fun. This can be made with fondant, modeling chocolate or gumpaste. You may use this topper for your cakes or cupcakes. 
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Step 1
Making the body
Roll out some green fondant 
Step 2
Creating the legs
Roll out 2 thin stripes of green fondant. 
Step 3
With one stripe, create shape like picture#1. Then, flatten the end to create the foot. Using a pointy tool or a toothpick make creases to create the toes. 
 Step 4
Glue both legs on each side of your oval shape. You may use edible glue or brush a small amount of water.
*** Once in contact with fondant, water will act as a glue.*** 
Step 5
Making the arms
1. 2.
Roll out 2 thin stripes of green fondant. Then, flatten the end to create the hand. Then, using a pointy tool or a toothpick make creases to create the fingers. 
Step 6

Glue both arms with edible glue or water to the front of your oval shape. (see picture)                                    
Step 7
Making the head
Create this oval flatten shape to make the head.
Step 8 
Using a knife, scar your fondant to create a smile.
 Step 9
Using a pointy tool such as the end of a brush, create holes to make nostrils.
 Step 10
Glue the head to the body using edible glue.
 Step 11
Creating the eyes
Apply a little bit of water and glue 2 round shap of white fondant to the top of the head.
Step 12
Using some black fondant, create the eye balls. Glue those pieces to previous step.
Step 13 
Brush red edible luster on the cheeks with a clean brush. 
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Enjoy Caking!

Liliana da Silva