How to make a witch cookie finger party invitation

This witch cookie favor is perfect for a halloween party invitation. Very original and your guests will just love them.
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Step 1
Roll out cookie dough make a cylindrical shape. Using a sharp knife, cute your dough every inch and round off the tip of each pieces.
Step 2 
Place an almond on the tip of your dough by pressing it down. (this will mark your dough and give you a guide line for the nail) Using a toothpick, create lines on your dough, this will give a skin effect.
 Step 3
Place your cookies on a baking tray and bake them according to your recipe without the almond.
 Step 4
Once bake, let them cool off on a cooling rack. 
 Step 5
Using red gel food coloring, apply a small amount where your nail would be. Once applied, glue your almond to your edible gel.
Step 6
       Brush some cocoa powder onto the crease created on step 4.
          Step 7
Tie your fingers to a nice ribbon or cord.  
Step 8
Glue your invitation message on the inside of a small box.

Place your finger in the box and VOILĂ€!!! 

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