How to make eyeball cookie invitations

Why not send out of the ordinary Halloween invitations? Halloween is meant to be scary, but yet fun. Create these spooky edible cookie eyeballs boxes to give to your guests. It will be a hit! Also, have a look at my other blog on how to make cookie finger monsters and witches fingers.
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Step 1
Roll out your dough and bake it according to your recipe.
Step 2
Roll out white fondant, marzipan or modeling chocolate. Cover your entire cookie with your sugar paste. 
  Step 3
 Cut out some green fondant, marzipan or modeling chocolate using a round cookie cutter. (your green fondant has to be the same size as the middle part of your cookie) Cut out a black fondant piece for the middle of the eye and also a smaller white piece. (see picture) 
 Step 4  
 Using a clean brush and some water, glue all tree colors according to the pictures. (water will act as a glue on your sugar paste) 
Step 5
Using a red ink edible pen, design so lines to create the effect of veins. (see picture)
 Step 6

Glue your invitation message on the inside of a small box.

Hope you enjoyed!!!
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