How to make Dora the explorer cake topper

Learn how to make Dora the explorer by  following my step by step tutorial. See how easy it is to create this cute cake topper. This can be made with fondant or gumpaste. Cake decorating will become so easy and fun. Hope you enjoy the blog.
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Step 1
Making the t-shirt and neck
Make a cone shape with pink fondant. Then, create a cylindrical shape with brown fondant.  (this will create the neck) Using the back of a brush, make a deep crease at the top of the cone shape. (big enough for the neck) Using a brush apply water inside the crease and glue the brown fondant. (see picture) 
Step 2
Making the shorts
Make a square with orange fondant. Cut a triangle in the middle.
Using any round tool, enlarge each sides to create a deep crease. (this will give the effect of shorts. Attach both the head and the body with the help of a wet toothpick. (The water will act as a glue.)
Step 3
Making the legs and the shoes
Step 4
Making the sleeves
Step 5
Making the arms and hands

 Step 6
Making  the face

Shape the head with some brown fondant. (Her face should be round and flat at the bottom and slightly pointy at the top.) Then, using a toothpick, make a hole at the bottom of the head. Once your entire piece is made, attach both the head and the body with the help of a wet toothpick. (The water will act as a glue and this will secure both pieces.)
Step 7
Creating the smile

Step 8
Creating the eyes
With some white and black fondant, make a small round shape piece. Flatten both pieces and over lap white on top of black. Cut your piece in half.  

Step 9

Glue a light brown fondant round piece on top of step 8 piece. Using some water, glue the eyes to the face. (The water will act as a glue.) 
Step 10
Glue a smaller black round shape fondant piece to step 9. (This will create your eyeballs) Then, glue at the corner of the eyeball a tiny white fondant piece. (this will create a realistic effect on the eyes)
 Step 11
Creating the hair
Cut black fondant with a big round cutter. Using a sharp knife, cut out 1/4 of your piece and set it a side)
Step 12
Cut a small slit in the middle of your piece and some triangles all around. (this will create her back hair) 
Step 13
Using a sharp knife, cut out the corner of your 1/4 piece and cut out 4 small triangles. (this will create her front hair)
Step 14
Using some water, glue the back piece first, then the front. Shape and mold.
For a better visual tutorial click on this picture and watch my video on YouTube.

Have fun caking 
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