Baby girl christening shoe cake topper

Here is my step by step baby girl shoe cake topper tutorial, followed by a video for a better visual. Perfect for a christening or baptism cake. This cake topper can be made with fondant or gumpaste. Have a peak at my other blog, on how to make a christening shoe for BOYS. Click on the following link, for the marshmallow recipe .
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Step 1
Roll out fondant or gumpaste  and cut out all pieces using the template as your guide. Click here for the template  
Step 2
Making the sole
***Make sure you turn the sole template around before cutting the second shoe, so you have "left" and "right" shoes.***
Step 3
Making the back of your shoe
Using your quilting wheel, create a stitching pattern on the back of #2 piece.
 Tip: If you don't have such a tool you can use a butter knife or a lemon scraper
to create the same look 
 Tip: Before gluing your pieces together let them air out for about 15minutes, this will harden your fondant and make it easy to work with. 
Step 4
Brush the edge of #2 piece with edible glue and attach it to your sole.
Tip: If you don't have edible glue, simply use water (water will act as glue with  fondant)
Step 5
Making the front
Cut #3 piece
Brush the edge of #3 piece with water (only the round part) and attach it to the front of your sole.
Step 6
Making the lace
Cut # 4 and using your quilting wheel, create a stitching pattern all around. Brushing water on each corner or your #4 piece, glue it to your shoe.
Step 7
Create a shiny effect by brushing some white luster dust on your shoe.
Step 8
Making a cute flower with sugar pearls
Roll out a small piece of fondant and flatten it out.
Step 9
Poke the middle of your flattened piece. Using a clean brush, apply some water in the hole created. Cover the hole with a sugar pearl. (the water will act as a glue with the fondant, therefore your pearl will stick to your fondant) Once the first pearl is glued, brush around that pearl.
Step 10
Gather 6 sugar pearls and glue them around your middle pearl. Using some edible glue or water, attach your flowers to each sides of your shoe.
Step 11 
Glue sugar pearls following the shape of a cross with edible glue.
For a better visual tutorial watch my video on YouTube.

Liliana da Silva