How to make a fondant bow

I love making bows, they look so sophisticated and give the cake such a nice touch. There  are endless ways to make bows. You can add edible jewelry for the middle, ribbon under your bow, create a stitching effect around it, poke a dots and the list goes on... This tutorial will show you how a simple bow is made. For more ideas on cake decorating Subscribe to my Youtube channel for FREE by simply following the link below.

Step 1
Roll out fondant, gumpaste or modeling chocolate of the desired color. Cut out three stripes of the same size and cut one stripe in half.
Step 2
Creating loops
Brush a small amount of water at the end of one loop and glue both ends together. (The water will act as a glue on your fondant)
Step 3
Squeeze both sides just enough to create a bridge. (see pictures) 
With your finger press down on the middle part. (see picture)
Step 5
Squeeze both ends together and cut the excess. Let your pieces air dry for at least 15 minutes before gluing the next step.
 Step 6 
Using a clean brush, apply some water on each side of your loops and attach both pieces together.
Step 7
Creating the middle part


Start by folding one side towards the middle and do the same thing for the other side. Then, fold the entire piece in the middle and squeeze both ends.
 Step 8 
Apply a small amount of water on the middle piece that your created and glue it to your bow.
And VoilĂ  !!
 For a better visual tutorial click on this picture and watch my video on YouTube.
 Have fun caking