How to make a Fondant Palm tree

This is such a cute way to decorate your theme cakes such as Hawaiian. It can be made with fondant, gumpaste or modeling chocolate. Simply follow my how to tutorial and it will be  easy as 1-2-3.
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Step 1
Creating the Leaves
Roll out green fondant. Cut 6 pieces of fondant using a leaf cutter.
***If you are making a big palm tree, use the big cutter and if you are making a smaller palm tree use the medium size cutter.***
 Step 2
Using a sharp knife, cut small uneven triangles all around your leaves. (There is no need to make this step perfect) 
Step 3
Make a black fondant circle shape about 1/2 inch wide. The black circle will help support the leaves securely to the top of the tree. 
Step 4
Create a crease in the middle of your piece. 
 Step 5
Using a brush, glue your leaves as shown in the picture with water. (Water will act like glue on your fondant)
  • Make sure before doing this step, that the crease created at step 4 is facing down.
  •  Let your piece dry for at least 24 hours before painting.
Step 6
Dilute green edible luster dust with a little bit of vodka.  Using a brush, paint over your leaves. (this will give you a nice shine effect)
TIP: Vodka evaporates once dry, with this said, there will no longer be alcohol on your project once dry. If you don't trust this action, you can also dilute with lemon extract. Do not use water, Luster dust is not water soluble and you will get a sticky mess. 
Step 7
Making the tree base
Cover 3/4 of a cake pop stick with black fondant. (the 1/4 left will actually be glued into your cake) Stick your piece to a Styrofoam block. (This will help your piece to dry and will be easier for you to do the following steps). 
Step 8
Cut circles of brown fondant using your smallest round cutter. Then, cut it in half. (This will give you two pieces to work with). 
 Step 9
Before attaching your mini fondant pieces, brush your tree base with water. (The water will act like glue). Glue two pieces at the time, overlapping them and covering both sides of your black fondant. Air dry your piece for at least 24 hours before painting it. 
 Step 10 
Mix brown and black edible luster dust and dilute it with a little bit of vodka.  Using a clean brush, paint over your tree base. Once painted, let it air dry for at least 15 minutes.
  Step 11
Gluing your pieces together
 Apply a small amount of melted candy melts at the top of your tree base. Put the leaves that you created on top of the melted candy melts and hold it until it sets.(This will secure your pieces together).
***Candy melts are a great alternative to glue big fondant pieces together.***
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