How to make Boots from Dora cake topper

Just follow my step by step tutorial and see how easy it is to create this cute cake topper. This can be made with fondant or gumpaste. Cake decorating will become so easy and fun. Hope you enjoy the blog.

Step 1
creating the body
Using a round cookie cutter, cut out a round yellow fondant piece. Slice the sides to create an oval shape. 
Roll out blue fondant and glue your yellow piece in the middle using water or edible glue.
 Step 2
Creating the face by using a mini heart shape cutter

Step 5 - Creating the eyes
Step 6 - Creating the ears
Step 7 - Creating the nose
 Step 8 - Gluing all the pieces
Attach both the head and the body with the help of a wet toothpick. (The water will act as a glue.)
Glue the ears with water or edible glue
Step 9 - Creating the arms 
Step 10 - Creating the boots and legs

Roll out red fondant to the shape of a ball. Cut one end to an angle and glue the pieces together.

Step 11 - Creating the hair 

Step 12 - gluing all the pieces together

Glue all your pieces together with the help of water or edible glue.
For a better visual tutorial click on this picture and watch my video on YouTube.
Have fun caking
Liliana da Silva