How to make fish cookies

 These adorable cookies are easy to make. They can be done for boys or girls and are perfect for kids parties or party favors. Just follow my steps and see how easy it is.

Step 1
Making the body
Once you rolled out your cookie dough onto your counter, cut your dough using a round cookie cutter.
Tip: The size  of your fish body depends on the cookie size that you want to create. If you do not have any round cookie cutters you may use a glass.
Step 2
Making the fins 
Cut your dough using a 6 curved cookie cutter. Then, cut it in half (this will give you 2 pieces). Take the same round cutter that you used during step 1, for the body of the fish and cut the end. (This will create a round shape which will make it easier to attach the pieces together in the last step)
Step 3
Creating the mouth
Cut your dough, using the smallest heart shaped cookie cutter that you have. Then, cut the end with the same cutter that you used for the body. This step, is the same purpose as step 2.
Step 4 
Creating the tail
Repeat same instructions as step 3 but use a medium sized heart shape cookie cutter. 
Step 5
Assembling all your pieces 
Place all your pieces evenly with the body. Using your fingers, press the creases together so that your dough looks like one piece.
Step 5
Baking and cooling 
Bake your cookies as indicated on your recipe. Make sure to cool them on a cooling rack.
Step 6
Decorating your cookies 
There are numerous ways to decorate the cookies. You can ice them, apply fondant and even use modeling chocolate. (Click here to view my video on how to make the modeling chocolate) Hummm hummm good! Feel free to be creative and have fun with them.


How adorable are these? These are perfect to give away to as gifts.
Hope you enjoyed my Blog