How to make Modeling Chocolate

Modeling chocolate (if used with real chocolate) OR candy clay (if used with candy melts) is basically a chocolate dough that has a play-doh feel. Not only does it take a few minutes to make but it tastes very good and is perfect for covering cookies and cupcakes. It is easy to use and perfect for making figurines, roses and much more. I use candy melts instead of chocolate because it comes in variety of colors and this way I don't lose time coloring my dough.

        • 14 ounces of any colored candy melts
        • 1/3 cup light corn syrup
        • Microwavable container
        • Plastic wrap or parchment paper 

Step 1
Melt chocolate in a microwavable container.
Step 2
Melt 30 seconds at a time in the microwave, stirring between each interval.
Step 3
Pour Corn syrup into candy melts and stir until completely blended. Make sure that the chocolate has made contact with the corn syrup, or else your finished product will have some lumps in it.
 ***Do not over mix or else it will become crumbly. ***
Step 4 
 Pour mixture onto plastic wrap or in between 2 parchment papers.
Step 5 
If you use plastic wrap: Cover the chocolate tightly with the over-hanging plastic and flatten it.
If you use the parchment paper: Spread the chocolate in between 2 papers and flatten it, putting it in a big Ziploc bag.
*** by flattening your mixture, this will set faster***
Step 6
Let it set for about 2 hours or over night.
Step 7 
Unwrap and start kneading. It will feel greasy but continue kneading until it becomes like clay. If it gets sticky while kneading, dust a little bit of corn starch on your counter. Store your modeling chocolate in a Ziploc bag.
***You can store it at room temperature for 3-4 months or in the freezer for up to 1 year.***
Step 8
Start creating.
Hope you liked my blog.
For a better visual tutorial click on this picture and watch my video on YouTube.  
Have fun caking.
Liliana da Silva