Baby girl shoe cake topper

Here is my step by step baby girl shoe tutorial, followed by a video. Perfect for a baby shower cake, christening, baptism ...

Step 1
 Roll out fondant or gumpaste  and cut out both pieces (sole and side shoe) using the baby shoe template as your guide. Click here for the template
***Make sure you turn the template around before cutting the second shoe, so you have "left" and "right" shoes.***
Step 2
 Using your quilting wheel, create a stitching pattern.
 Tip: If you don't have such tool you can use a butter knife or even a lemon scraper
to create the same look 
 Tip: Before gluing your pieces together let them air out for about 15minutes, this will harden your fondant and make it easy to work with.
Step 3 
Brush the edge of the baby sole shoe with edible glue and attach both pieces together.
Tip: If you don't have edible glue use simply water (water will act as glue with  fondant)
Step 4
Brush the side of the shoe with water or edible glue and attach both pieces together so that your shoe is completely glued to your sole.
 Step 5
Apply a little bit of water or edible glue.
 Step 6
Finish the look by attaching the shoe together. Glue a little flower, pearl... on the side.
For a better visual tutorial click on this picture and watch my video on YouTube.

 Have fun caking

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Liliana da Silva